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When did they know it? Were they in touch with the Russians?” U.S. intelligence agencies have concluded Russia was behind the hacking of email accounts belonging to Podesta and the Democratic National Committee to try to turn voter sentiment in Trumps favor. Trump has rejected the conclusion, ridiculing the idea. “The Russians were trying to elect a lap dog,” said Podesta, adding the FBI had contacted him only once about the hacking, two days after WikiLeaks started releasing his emails. Conway told CBSs Face the Nation the idea that the campaign was colluding with Russia was ridiculous, calling it inaccurate and false dangerous. And it does undermine our democracy.” A top Russian official told CBS last month there had been contact with the Trump campaign. President Barack Obama said last week it was likely Russian President Vladimir Putin was at least aware of the hacking, if not directly involved. And during the first presidential debate, Trump invited Russia to find the missing emails from Clintons private server. Later he said he was just kidding.

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“We remain fully committed to fighting unnecessary burdens on the right to vote in the Commonwealth,” she said. A spokesman for the Virginia Department of Elections didn’t immediately return a call seeking comment. Virginians have had to show some form of identification to vote for decades, but until 2012, people without an ID were still allowed to cast a ballot if they signed a form swearing they’re the person they claimed to be. A 2012 law scrapped the affirmation of identity option, but allowed voters to check my reference use certain non-photo IDs. A year later, the GOP-controlled General Assembly passed the law requiring photo IDs. Virginia is among seven states with what the National Conference of State Legislatures considers to be “strict” photo ID laws because voters without identification now must cast a provisional ballot and take additional steps in order for their votes to be counted. Much of the debate before the 4th Circuit centered on how Virginia’s law and its implementation differ from North Carolina’s. The ruling striking down North Carolina’s law said it targeted black voters with “almost surgical precision” and did nothing to prevent potential voter fraud. An attorney for the Virginia Department of Elections stressed in September that the Virginia law, which a federal judge upheld in May, is quite different. Attorney Thor Hearne II said the list of IDs Virginians can use is “very generous” compared to other states, in that it includes those from places like private colleges.

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